Month: June 2016

PRESS RELEASE: New Chairman Appointed for HBTV Channel 9


Denise Melville-Blackman, Esq.
Denise Melville-Blackman, Esq.

As leadership of the Blackman & Sons, Inc, owner of the media house, HBTV Channel 9 remained outstanding and in question and after three months of deliberations and meetings of the directors of the board a meeting was called and vote of the Board of Directors of Blackman & Sons, Inc. was made. As of May 1, 2016 a New Chairman, for an interim period, of the Corporation has been decided upon.

Denise Melville- Blackman, has been elected by a vote of the board of directors of Blackman & Sons, Inc. to be the new Interim Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blackman & Sons, Inc.

She was born in New Amsterdam, Berbice, in February 3, 1980 to Leslie Melville and Bibi Khan of Richmond Hill, New York, and is, by profession, an attorney at law and the managing partner in the U.S based law firm of Blackman & Melville, P.C.

After leaving Guyana at the age of 2 she spent her formative years in Richmond Hill, NY where she attended Forest Hills High School. After an exemplary high school education she attended St. Johns University in Queens, New York on academic scholarship. She majored in government and politics whereafter she graduated Cum Laude and subsequently went on to pursue her studies at Touro Law Center in Central Islip, NY. Her concentration of legal studies at Law School were in Corporate Finance and Criminal Law. Soon after graduating she was recruited as an intern by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. Thereafter, she departed the Suffolk District Attorney’s office to pursue a career in private practice where-after she employed her excellent research skills and naturally aggressive court demeanor to become a most noticeable and recognized matrimonial, family and immigration law attorney. Two years after winning 98% of her cases she moved her way to managing partner of the small but dynamic private firm.

During her tenure as managing partner she has maneuvered the way for this firm to grow from a single office to having multiple offices and extending the practice of the firm from Civil and Criminal practice to Immigration and International Civil practice with satellite offices in New York, Atlanta, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad.

She is presently licensed in New York and Georgia. With continued personal and business growth in mind she expects to extend her ability to practice in the Caribbean and expected to submit applications to attend Law School at the University of the West Indies this winter so that she may acquire her legal education certificate with hopes to qualify to practice as an attorney in the Caribbean and become a member of the Guyana Bar.

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